Science and Arts Entertainment

A unique new way for people to experience art and science in our community.


  • UNCA Virtual reality and digital fabrication: Students and faculty from UNCA design and build this
    virtual reality experience.
  • Hobey Ford, Animalia:  Local renowned puppeteer to perform “Animalia” show at 2pm.
  • Woodson Branch Nature School: This new school in Madison County will bring three to five students presenting science projects that they have worked on this year.
  • Wildscape: Cathy Stout is the owner/operator of Wildscape.  Her unique jewelry uses pupal cases made by caddisflies to create beautiful designs.  Cathy’s display includes the caddisflies at work in the aquarium.
  • Kids Tent: face painting, crafts, activities.
  • Zaniac Learning:  Interactive educational learning for kids.
  • Jackie Rubino: Local artist. Ink press