Virtual Reality, Microscopes,
Telescopes, Insects,
Arts and Crafts,
Visual Art, and More


Asheville Museum of Science

Join AMOS in a hands-on exploration of the light spectrum and learn the science behind how we and other animals see!

Virtual Reality by Better Than Unicorns

Better Than Unicorns brings interactive virtual reality to the AASF. They build immersive, interactive, and animated environments that transport viewers into other realities.

Asheville Astronomy Club

The club will bring telescopes and filters that allow us to observe the sun during the daytime.

GeoDome Globe from The Elumenati

The Elumenati will bring a GeoDome Globe, an internally projected sphere that lets you explore global datasets - from climate resilience here on Earth, to the surface of Mars and beyond.

Highlands Biological

Come visit with the staff of Highlands Biological Station and get hands-on learning about our local mammals!

Insect Expo

Penrose Consulting and Edens Pest Control will have microscopes and insect specimens set up for everyone to get a close look at bugs.


This Madison County based non-profit organization that focuses on water quality.  They will bring an interactive table that demonstrates how erosion effects the landscape.

Woodson Branch Nature School

This new school in Madison County will bring three to five students presenting science projects that they have worked on this year.

Birds for Books

An annual event designed to raise money for Friends of the Hot Springs Library and get kids birdwatching.


Cathy Stout is the owner/operator of Wildscape.  Her unique jewelry uses pupal cases made by caddisflies to create beautiful designs.  Cathy’s display includes the caddisflies at work in the aquarium.

Zaniac Learning

Interactive educational learning for kids.